FI Widgets is an API driven website for the Financial Independence (FIRE) commmunity. The website automatically builds itself from FI API which automatically builds itself from the Python FI module. New widgets are generated as functions are added to the FI module.

Download the app

The site is available as an app for Android and Ubuntu Linux. The Android app is freely available in the Amazon app store. Alternatively you can download the .aab, .apk, or .deb file from GitHub.


By default FI Widgets are "smart". They will communicate with each other to populate themselves with data as you enter it or as answers come back from the API. In this way FI Widgets work together to provide a more wholistic experience. For example, if you enter a safe withdrawal rate in one of the form inputs, the same value will be added to other widget inputs that use the same field. If you fill out the widget for take home pay, the calculated answer will be applied to fields in other widgets that also use that data. If you don't like this feature, you can disable it by passing smart=false in the url.

Change the color of FI Widgets by passing a color in the url. Give it two colors by passing two colors in the url. Filter FI Widgets by passing only the widget[s] you wish to see.

Have fun!